Your First Visit

Unless you have a specific concern that requires immediate attention, your first visit with us will consist of a series of steps aimed at developing a comprehensive picture of your oral health. This includes a thorough review of your medical and dental history, taking of diagnostic x-rays, and a comprehensive examination of your teeth, gums and jaw joints. This initial examination allows us to determine the presence or absence of conditions such as: cavities, missing or worn-out fillings, broken or missing teeth, periodontal (gum) disease, temporomandibular disorder (often referred to as “TMJ”), and oral cancer. If you have recently taken x-rays at another dental office, we would be happy to help you have them transferred to our office in advance of your appointment (download our Records Request Form below). If you have dental insurance, please bring any necessary documentation to your first visit, to allow us to estimate and file claims on your behalf.


In most cases, we will also clean your teeth at your first visit. However, if it is determined during the exam that you require more extensive gum therapy, we will ask that you schedule a second appointment to allow us enough time to complete your dental cleaning.


  • Insurance and Financing

    Our office is happy to accept and process claims for nearly all dental insurance companies. We are participating providers for Health Partners, Delta Dental, Cigna, Preferred One and the Premier Dental Group which includes Humana, Guardian, Aetna and many others.


    At the time of your dental cleaning and exam, we will discuss with you all recommended treatment and answer any questions that you have. Upon completion of the appointment, we will present you with a detailed treatment plan, outlining all recommended services, the cost of each procedure, and an estimate of insurance coverage and patient portion due at each subsequent visit. Additionally, we will electronically submit your insurance claim, along with any x-rays or periodontal charting required by the insurance company, to expedite payment of your claim. At your request, we are also able to electronically submit prior-authorization requests on your behalf to determine coverage for larger treatment plans. On the day that treatment is provided, we do ask for payment of that portion not covered by insurance.


    As a reminder, we are only able to estimate the portion of your treatment that will be covered by your insurance. For specifics regarding the benefits and limitations of your policy, we encourage you to speak directly with your dental insurance company.


    For those patients without dental insurance, we encourage you to look at our Smile Benefit Plan, as an affordable alternative to traditional insurance, allowing you to save money on preventative, as well as all restorative and cosmetic services.


    Additionally, we accept CareCredit, a no-interest financing option, for those with extensive treatment needs or without dental insurance. You can apply for CareCredit online or at our office.

  • Smile Benefit Plan

    It is our desire to help you achieve and maintain a beautiful smile! We often hear a lack of dental insurance cited as the main reason that regular dental visits have not been made. The Smile Benefit Plan is intended to help those without dental insurance keep up with their dental care, while helping to control costs.


    Advantages of the Smile Benefit Plan:


    • No waiting period
    • No exclusions and no need for prior authorization to be granted by an insurance company
    • No yearly maximum on savings
    • No costly premiums or co-pays


    What’s included?


    For the enrollment fee of $250, you will receive comprehensive preventative dental care for 1 year which includes: 2 cleanings, as well as all necessary exams, x-rays and fluoride treatments.


    Additionally, you will receive 15% savings on all restorative treatment (fillings), periodontal treatment (gum therapy), teeth whitening, night guards as well as 10% savings on crowns and bridges, endodontics (root canals), veneers and implants.


    Terms and conditions


    For all dental services completed within 1 calendar year from the date of enrollment, you will receive the 10% and 15% discount, with no annual limits.


    If you require periodontal therapy, such as “deep cleaning” or 3- or 4-month periodontal maintenance visits, these are not included in the enrollment fee; however, these services are immediately subject to the 15% discount.


    Immediate family members can be added to the plan for $160 for adults and $130 for children under 16.


    Enrollment fees are non-refundable once any treatment has been performed, including the first cleaning.


    Payment in full is due on the date of service. Failure to pay on the date of service will result in the elimination of the 10% and 15% discount for services provided on that day.


    CareCredit is not accepted for payment in conjunction with the Smile Benefit Plan discount.


    Orthodontic treatment including Invisalign and Braces are not subject to any discount.

  • Forms

    Click here to download and print our patient registration and medical history form so that you can fill it out prior to your first appointment with us.


    Click here to download and print the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices.


    Click here to download and print the Records Request Form

  • FAQ

    Do you accept my dental insurance?

    Stadsklev Dental gladly accepts nearly all dental insurance policies and will assist you by electronically filing your insurance claim on the day treatment is performed.


    Do I have to “pay up front” for my treatment?

    Prior to performing any service, we will provide you with a detailed treatment plan, broken down by appointment, and showing an estimated “patient portion” due. On the day that treatment is performed, we appreciate payment for only that portion that we estimate will not be covered by insurance. We will electronically file your insurance claim and accept payment directly from the insurance company for the remainder of your balance.


    For those patients without dental insurance, we still appreciate payment on the day of service. However, we offer payment plans for larger, more expensive treatment needs and ask only that you have something set up with us prior to beginning treatment.


    What types of payment do you accept?

    We accept cash, check, VISA, and Mastercard payment, as well as nearly all dental insurance policies. Our office also offers payment plans, including CareCredit for patients with more extensive treatment needs.


    When should children be seen by the dentist?

    The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children be seen by a dentist at age one. We are happy to see children at 1 year of age, especially in the event that a parent has concerns regarding their child’s oral health; however, many children feel more comfortable and better tolerate their first visit between age 2 and 3.


    At their first appointment, we’ll try to take x-rays, do a fluoride treatment, cleaning, and exam. This can, however, be a little too much for a young child, so we adjust accordingly. Our hope is to get as much done as possible, without allowing your child to have a bad first experience at the dentist.


    Even if Dr. Stadsklev is only able to take a quick look and “count” your child’s teeth, a bit of familiarity is, in many cases, enough to make for a smooth second visit, six months later. If another family member has an upcoming appointment with us, it is often beneficial for your child to see a parent or older sibling in the dental chair prior to their visit.


    Will I need new x-rays?

    If you are new to our clinic, we ask that you contact your previous dentist and request that any current x-rays be released to you, to be brought to your first appointment or mailed directly to our office. For most patients, a full mouth series or panoramic x-ray is considered current for 5 years, while the 4 bitewing x-rays are commonly taken on a yearly basis.


    Do you see patients with complex medical conditions?

    Patients with complex medical conditions are commonly seen in our dental facility. For those patients requiring close medical attention during dental treatment, Dr. Stadsklev is able to see patients at the Douglas County Hospital. Please don’t hesitate to call if you have specific questions.


    Is your office latex free?

    Yes, our office is 100% latex free.

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